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Francisco Canahuate Disla Of-Counsel

Mr. Canahuate received a Bachelor on Accounting in the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and he completed studies in the Inter-American Center for Tax Studies (C.I.E.T.) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mr. Canahuate has more than 40 years of experience in the tax area. He honorably advised in the process of writing the Tax Code. Mr. Canahuate has held various technical and administrative positions in the General Agency of Internal Taxes (DGII).

He has served as president of the Committee of Fiscal Studies and the Legal Committee of the Institute of Public Accountants Authorized of the Dominican Republic (ICPARD), and as coordinator of the Chair of Public Administration of the Department of Administration of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD).

Relevant experience:

  • Counseling and representation of several companies before the General Agency of Internal Taxes (DGII) in relation to objections made to their tax declarations.
  • Representation of several companies in tax disputes before the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) and the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ).
  • Representation of multinational and local companies before the Ministry of Treasury (MH) in relation to the recognition of exemptions.
  • Representation of several clients before the Constitutional Court (TC) in the occasion of actions tending to declare certain laws, decrees or general norms unconstitutional.


Mr. Canahuate has participated as a facilitator and panelist in several conferences, both national and international.



Mr. Canahuate has published several books, among which are:

  • “Income Tax – Theory and Practice”. Sixth Edition, 2008.
  • “Dominican Tax Legislation”, Volume III. 2007
  • “Life and Tribute”. 2004
  • “Dominican Tax Legislation”, Volume II. 2000
  • “Tax Evasion”. 1999
  • “Tax Code of the Dominican Republic”. Four Editions (1992-1997).
  • “The seducer”. 1993
  • “Dominican Tax Legislation”, Volume I. Two Editions (1989, 1990).